Entrepreneurship in Data Science

September 19, 2020 DataCafé Season 1 Episode 7
Entrepreneurship in Data Science
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How do you get your latest and greatest data science tool to make an impact? How can you avoid wasting time building a supposedly great data product only to see it fall flat on launch?

In this episode, we discuss how you need to start with the idea before you get to a data product. As all good entrepreneurs know, if you can't sell the idea, you're certainly not going to be able to sell the product. We take inspiration from a particular way of thinking about software engineering called Lean Startup, and learn how it can be applied to data science projects and to startups in general. 

We are lucky enough to talk with Freddie Odukomaiya, CTO of a startup that is aiming to revolutionise commercial property decision-making. He tells us about his entrepreneur journey, creating an innovative data tech company and we learn how Lean Startup has influenced the way he has approached developing his business.

With interview guest Freddie Odukomaiya, CTO and Co-founder of GeoHood.

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Recording date: 11 September 2020
Interview date: 16 June 2020

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Interview with Freddie Odukomaiya